Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh man oh man oh man

On Thursday, I went to a meeting. We talked about sales numbers, customer surveys, expansion opportunities...all the stuff you cover in your usual Starbucks meeting. But instead of remembering song lyrics, mentally replaying favorite movies, and desperately wanting to play with my phone, I was listening attentively and with great excitement.

I was taking notes.

This was an ad meeting at my Brand New Job, which starts for reals in eight hours, twenty-seven minutes.

Twenty-six minutes.

I'm all out of sorts. I wonder if I'll sleep. Does the car have enough gas? Should I shower now or in the morning? Are my slacks pressed enough? Should I wear a tie? Short sleeves or long? It's been a long time since my morning routine involved anything but "roll out of bed" and "make sure not to forget my hat and apron."

Gaaahhhh. I gotta read or something, get relaxed. This is like Christmas Eve, but instead of presents there'll be contracts and desks and--

oh my god you guys I get to sit down while I work

Okay, postcard!

Almost as tall as a man? Almost? Either the wall's eroded a bit over time (likely but boring), Chang and Bolin got lazy on their section (unlikely, less boring) or the Han Dynasty's biggest enemies were an army of Tyrion Lannisters (awesomest).

Bus tours are always terrible, Jessica. Always. Unless of course your family takes the mic and narrates the tours themselves. Then they're great! And very musical.
Chicken gizzards. Huh. I guess that's boneless in the most technical sense imaginable. I kind of want to try a plate, and I kind of don't at all.

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