Monday, October 31, 2011

Stairs! Professor Xavier's Only Weakness!*

An exquisite view of Indian architecture from the top of the Lamayuru Gompa in Ladakh. Of course, given that these pictures are taken at roughly 11,500 friggin' feet, I can't be arsed to go up there myself. My legs are tired enough after a double shift, and all that is is running around on rubber mats and serving coffee to college students.

Also, I at first took "sponge bath" as a sign of luxurious accommodations, but now imagine it to be a necessity due to lack of running water. I'll find out if I'm right after a bit of wikipedia.

*I haven't followed the X-Books in a while. Is Prof. X walking now? Again?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dancin' Like Never Before

Got this postcard from sunny, picturesque Ladakh, India. These dancers represent the victory of good over evil.

That's what the monks told everyone, anyway. I suspect they just realized, way way long ago, that dancing around in costumes is fun as all hell.

You know, Jess, I had to close and then open my cafe recently, and my sleep schedule was about the same as yours. I didn't even get a "days until elephants" counter.