Friday, September 30, 2016

Unfinished Business

There's an Ikea shelf in the corner.

It's hiding behind the two boxes full of Christmas decorations that necessitate its ownership.

Since it's behind the boxes, I keep forgetting it's there. Since I keep forgetting it's there, there it remains. Every few days or so I see it, remind myself to drill the holes and turn the screws, and forget it all again the second I walk out the door.

I'm sure I'll do it later. Until then, the cats get to climb on the boxes and pull my ties off the rack we already installed.

"I'll do it later." Poisonous words for the creative mind; pure ambrosia for the distractible one. Well, later's here now, much later, although in my defense I've been up to quite a lot in the meantime.

Let's put up that shelf.

Three more postcards. Then I'll have either finally finished this blog or I'll have started something new with it. So join me, everybody, and let's go back in time...

Did you ever tell your parents, Jess? If my daughter were a Female General, I think I'd want to know.

I generally go through these same motions when I leave the apartment. Because of my sense of drama!

...Also because I routinely forget my keys.