Friday, November 11, 2011


Did you know yaks are often said to have the strongest odor of any domesticated animal? And that this is due primarily to their dense coats and the urine/fecal matter which can get trapped inside? Did you know that yak butter tea is--in addition to being a highly caloric beverage well suited to mountainous or nomadic living--an excellent way to prevent chapped lips?

Sorry, wiki overload there. Did you know that when the rut (or "mating season," if you're not into that whole brevity thing) begins, male yaks engage in threat displays and sparring? Man, I wanna see some yaks fighting! These yaks, they're just kinda rollin' along, man. Which is still awesome, mind you--

Apparently whenever Jess attempts to photograph these magnificent beasts, something--be it the click of a shutter or the flash of a...flash--drives them to a frenzy. Her camera is the Rage virus. Her viewfinder is the Fear Gas from Batman.

She seems perturbed by this. Dismayed, even. I'd take it a different way: with one push of a button, I can turn tame yaks into killing machines. Cities will fall.

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