Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Got Nothing

Yesterday I drank beer with dinosaurs. Today I had to close the store. There were no dinosaurs there, only cranky people. And one extroverted drag queen.

I'm not sure the hangover will ever go away.

Be back this week with more coffee-flavored ruminations. In the meantime, here's a postcard:

It just hit me, I've never been inside a mosque. And I've only been inside two temples. And one Lutheran church. Hell, I've never even set foot in the BahÃ¥i House of Worship in Wilmette and I've driven past that thing more often than I've driven past Wrigley Field. I wonder if there's some obscure rule in the catechism about visiting other houses of worship: does God consider it cheating? Is it like a cubs devotee partying at Comiskey?
I've also never had mutton. Or pigeon. Why do I get the feeling they're affordable staples in other places, but if I tried to find them in Chicago they'd go for fifty bucks a plate at some restaurant with three words in its name?

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