Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fear of Flying

I got an interview.

Easy, folks, it's not for some kind of fancy-pantsy high-falutin' nine-to-five job. Part-time, half editorial and half fact-checking, some evenings and some weekends. As entry level as a college degree-requirin' job ever was.

I got the email at 2:05 PM on 2/28/2012. I noticed the email exactly seven hours later.

I still haven't signed up for an interview slot. In fact, I'm think I'm slightly afraid to. Afeared. Scurred, even. Why? I looked over the job requirements, and aside from a few position-specific items they call optional, it's all well within my wheelhouse. I don't mind working the occasional night or weekend, and it'd be a substantial raise.

Why does it scare me? Do I fear change? I mean, MoonDollars sucks. Not nearly as much as other things, sure, I'd never trade slinging coffee for knocking cattle in a slaughterhouse or picking tomatoes or crime scene cleanup or any number or harder lower paying more difficult more demoralizing more depressing more dangerous more static more...Okay, MoonDollars doesn't suck. I still don't want to stay there long enough to get a statuette (although the mere fact they send those things out indicates, again, that they don't suck).

Maybe I worry I'll be unreliable. Maybe I fear commitment on a level more substantial than the business equivalent of casual dating. Maybe a million things. The important thing is, I'm a little scared.

Ah, hell. May as well get the interview, at least. Paraphrasing a friend of mine: you can be totally afraid to do something and sure you're going to fail, as long as you man up just long enough to try and do it anyway. You'd think after all the auditions I've bombed I'd have internalized that by now.

Man, I'm using a lot of youtube links today. Better get 'em out of my system. Remember when The Simpsons was good?

I wonder if he tries to make each bowl unique, or if he tries to make them all as fast as possible to hit some kind of quota.

I also wonder if he's seen the movie Ghost. If it got him into sculpture in the first place he's probably bitter there's no Demi Moore. Or Patrick Swayze, for that matter.
I respect this old dude's tenacity. I hope he spoke slowly and loudly, with many inscrutable gestures, because in my experience that always gets the point across and never looks ridiculous.

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