Sunday, May 20, 2012

Everything is Ruined Forever

The other day I read a charming, slow-paced manga called Usagi Drop. It's about a bachelor who decides to raise an orphaned girl. Very good take on the changes that come with raising a child, with light overtones of romance between the foster father and another child's mother.

And then I read the second half of it, wherein the foster daughter falls in love with and eventually marries the foster father. God damn it, Japan. Gettin' all Tale of Genji up in my mellow slice-of-life comic books.

At first I thought the entire manga was ruined, but I eventually reminded myself: even the crappy, baffling ending couldn't retroactively ruin how much I enjoyed the rest of the story.

The author even has a nice middle-point before she timeskips to the pseudo-incest in the foster child's teen years. I can just pretend that's the ending. Wish I could say I've learned something about letting go of rage over stories going the way I don't want 'em to, but naw. That'd mean I couldn't hate on Lucas for ruining Star Wars anymore.

Jess, I think your mom knows about your dying bicycle derring-do now. Sorry about that.

I never had any trouble biking in Wrigleyville. Although once, at a stoplight, a frat guy leaned out of his jeep and said "hey dude! Nice ass!"

I called out "thanks bro" as I rode away. I'm not sure he was expecting that response.

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